UPT50 N533

William R. Newbold

UPT50 N533

Papers of William Romaine Newbold

48Box 1

Transcripts of Piper Sittings

Correspondence: Richard Hodgson , Secretary of American Branch of Society for Physical Research.

Notebooks containing ciphers, Odes of Solomon Correspondence concerning Bacon cipher, 1920’s

2 envelopes: R.C. Kent, proofs and. correspondence

11 folders on ciphers

Charts of Alphabets-Duplicates” (photostats)

Empty envelope: “Bacon photos of MS examination after July 8”

Photostat and printed description of Hanging Temple Picture (Tibetan)


1. Voy. 82, Voy. 66, Green Lion

2. Bacon, Bibliographical notes in Europe, Misc. notes, Grosseteste de Cometis, Guillaume do St. Cloud

3. Secretum Secretorum, Trium Verborum, pt. I

4. Names of Planets-Text of Nebula, Anular Ecl

5. Oxford Story Revised, Reputation of the Green Lion

6. Voynich’s Astr. Ms, Steele’s, Lull notes Key et al

7. The Green Lion

Box 1

Notebooks (cont.)

8. Oxford Story

9. Cards-Philobiblon Club, April 28

Box 2

[Ring-binder note: “Envelopes do not have same contents as Newbold’s notation on outside indicates. Most are photostats, but with these are mixed some mss notes and correspondence.”]

“Now only photos but important”

Record office mss (Photostats)

R. G. Kent-Bacon materials

Nothing Baconian”-includes correspondence, notes on Christian archaeology, clippings

Envelope containing printed articles about Bacon mss

Photostats of various mss and key photostats and notes

Oversize package-see shelf list

Photostats of Norwich and other mss

48Box 3

Original mss of the Newbold-Piper Sitting May 4, 1894, June 8, 1895

May 4-June 23, 1894

June 25, 26-1894

June 27- Nov. 7, 1894

51Box 3

Original mss of the Newbold-Piper Sitting May 4, 1894, June 8, 1895 (cont.)

May 7-June 17, 1895

June 18-21, 1895

Box 4

June 22-26, 1895

June 27-28, 1895

July 1-8, 1895

June 13-July 8, 1895 (This package contains a description of these sittings written by Dr. Newbold himself)

3 folders come from H.B. 1919, 1923, 1924